We grow up to believe that being an adult is terrifying, because who is going to pick up our pieces when we fall apart as grown ups? (via depressednights)

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Teen quotes

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Came in to get spayed. Seems a little worried


“you don’t look depressed though”

oh yeah sorry i forgot to bring my literal dark cloud with me today

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I want things to hurt —
cigarette smoke to burn my lungs,
glass shards to cut my skin,
pavement to rasp against my knees.

I do not want beautiful;
I want a goddamn tragedy.

Meggie C. Royer, from “Tragedies" (via violentwavesofemotion)

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so relevant
I have this habit of thinking that you would move the world for me as I would do for you. Mateus William  (via piquic)

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